One wish

"If I had just one wish
Only one demand
I hope he'll love me more
I hope he understands
That life means nothing without him..."

Diorang dok ckp psal wish td. If we had a chance to get a granted wish, what we'll be wishing for? If it's me, I'll wish for him..Tp 1 wise wish from them is a wish for heaven. The reason is, bla kta dapat syurga, suma wish kta akan tertunai. Means u can wish for many things. To think rationally, I would certainly wish for the brain to compelete this project. Duhh..! And of course to complete my PhD a.s.a.p...Amin, Insyaallah....

Td da order cupcake... Hasilnye t lbey kurang combination cupcakes ni...min 16 biji..Design sendiri. Amacam, ok x? If rasa ok, suma ok, tunang t maybe nk wat cupcakes lbey kurang camni..Hehe..


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