Choosing the right face powder

This is what I wanna share all this while. Talking bout face powder. Okay, there's 3 type of face powder:

  1. compact powder
  2. loose powder
  3. pressed powder

Each types of face powder serves different purpose.

  • Compact powder is for non oily, non problematic skin type. If your skin is oily, choose and oil free type if you insist for this type of powder.
  • Loose powder is more suitable for oily skin though its applicable for all skin types. Bedak ni jenis serbuk, so xsesuai bwak kuar, abes lau berterabur. To used this kind of powder, take it a bit and pressed on your T zone or oily part of your face and smudge it outwards from forehead to chin so that it remove excessive powder and blend well.

  • Pressed powder on the other hand, is used for touch up when you are already outdoor. Ni yg jnis dlm tv yg org vogue2 gitu dlm drama dok touch up make up diorang tuh...To use it, you take a bit of the powder on sponge and pressed it on your face so that it stay there and the foundation is not rubbed away.
That's all for this time, have fun!

Deveining Shrimp

This is an easy way of how to peel and devein shrimp. Kopek udang snang aje, tp xsuma orang buang uratnye. Kalau ikot tips2 mat saleh kat youtube, urat ni slalu orang pnggil taik udang. And if kta x buang (omputeh pnggil devein), mmg udang xcntik bla msak and bila kunyah leh rasa, k 'benda tu'. Mmg eww...Ni video amek kat youtube nyg tnjuk cmne nk kopek n bersihkan udang dengan senang n cepat. Early part video tu dia tnjuk rupa udang yg dah siap msak bla kta da siap kopek n bersihkan udang tu..Mmg menyelerakan. Nyum2...Aku mmg da lame nk tau cmne nk wat bnda nih, akhirnya jmpa gak.. Selamat mencuba!

Cara solat tahajjud

Waktu afdal - 3am and above. If not, pas midnight pon ok..Yg penting, kena tdo dlu. If not, dikira solat sunat je..

Niat - Sahaja aku solat sunat tahajjud 2 rakaat kerana Allah Ta`ala.

The most simplest and easiest way:
* ni cara utk 2 rakaat (the lazy me, ha hah..)

1) Rakaat 1 & 2: Al-Fatihah + pape surah pendek
    - niat, angkat takbir, baca al-fatihah n pape surah pendek, rukuk, sujud, tahyat akhir, bg salam

2) Zikir n baca doa
    - istigfar 100x (optional)
    - selawat 32x atau lebih (optional)
    - doa (i recite in malay. payah arab2 ni, kang salah baca, salah maksud lak. hehe..)

Doa selepas tahajjud


Qada' solat

Bila waktu qada' solat? 
Anytime. Contoh, nk qada'solat subuh msa dalam wktu maghrib. Can.

Niat qada' solat cmne?
Sahaja aku solat xxx x rakaat qada' kerana Allah ta'ala..

Camne nk solat ganti ni?
Bacaan, tatacara, suma sama sebiji macam solat fardhu. Cuma niat je ada perkataan qada'.

Sekian, selamat beramal.


Second trimester pregnancy

Today mark the final day of my second trimester. Phew, managed to go through this trimester quite ok. People said the morning sickness and tiredness will go away once you are in the second trimester. But not for me.. I still vomit in my fourth and fifth month. Acnes popping out all over my face, I constipate almost every day and my belly feels so stretched even when I eat half portion of my meal before pregnancy. However, my energy level are coming back.

The bb bump started to show on the fifth month. I started to sit when I poo, and squatting makes me feel unease. Sleeping on my back gives pressure on my stomach, sleeping on my side hurts my ribs, started to use so many pillows to support my leg and belly. Body temp gets higher than usual, making me change from tops to tube..haha.. My back starting to hurt, signs of coming to third trimester maybe..

My belly seems to get bigger lately, but can still fit on my shirt. But i think this size is big enough for me.. Hurm..need to manage my diet..

Baby membesar drastik

First trimester doesn't really bother me either bout the belly size and my weight coz everything i ate (lontong, fast food, nasi lemak, etc) gets puke out. So my weight drop few kilos without diet and exercise (yay!!).

I'm on my 22w and 4d today. Finally the bb reveal itself on yesterday scan! The bb shud b around 430 gram and 30cm tall. But it measured more than that! Really regret my dietary lately.. Ate durian so much that my body got too hot and result in fever + cold = nights of suffering, sundae every 2 days and the bb gets bigger a month ahead of its age.. My weight jump to 49kg and I can't squat anymore during poo poo..

Wuaaa..gets to scared thinking of how am i going to push him out on delivery. Him? Yes. Yesterday he lay straight head to toe across my belly (No wonder my belly feels so stretch), and gynae finally c d bird.. Hubby don't really understand the image on screen though the gynae show him. I can only look at the other screen hanging on top of my toe and it's not really clear.. So can't really c it.. Huhu.. 

What to do now??? Diet?? Exercise??? Oh my!