First trimester pregnancy

Today it's 22w of my pregnancy. Already passed my first trimester. Thought of sharing my experience on the first trimester. So here we go on what was actually happening all the way in the process and what I was experiencing:

Week 1 >>
This is the last menstrual period before you officially get pregnant. So nothing really happened inside your belly. However, gynae calculate the 40 week pregnancy start from this point. Day 1 calculation start from the first day your period flows out.

Week 2 >>
After the menstrual period, the uterus wall thickens as usual for implantation (I'll explain this in later part). Around day 10-18 of the cycle, one of your ovary start releasing the egg (ovulation). This egg are release into the fallopian tube, waiting for sperm for fertilization, and it life span is 24hours. Sperm life span is around 5-7 days. So if you're having sexual intercourse around day 8(once you finish your menstrual period) up to day 10, your chances of getting pregnant is zero (cause your ovary have not release any egg yet for the sperm to fertilize. Got it?) If you're having intercourse around day 10 onward, though the egg has not been released yet, the sperm can wait for it in the fallopian tube for about 7days (sperm lifespan). Once one of the sperm manage to access the egg, the rest of the sperm are "blocked" and the fertilized egg will swim to the uterus for implantation(finding best spot in the uterus for "baby" to continue grow). The "swim" will take around 7days.

This is the week where upt will tell you if you are pregnant. You will feel nothing at this point. However, some woman might experience spotting or cramp at this point due to the implantation. Having massage at this point is not a good idea as it might push the blactocyst (implanted egg) out; baby gone, and you got your period.

Usually this is the point where we start waiting for the next menstrual period to come. I experienced 4 things at this point. I have car sick, but not to often and not so serious. But suddenly at this point, once I set foot in the car, I started to get dizzy. Badly. But still bearable. Feel strange, but I just ignore it, thinking that it's nothing. My appetite also rise up that I could eat 2 meals/day when I can't even finish 1 usually. I even climb stairs and walk on treadmill. Thought my stamina went down coz I easily got out of breath for climbing 3 storey building and my tummy seems big. (It always seems big, haha..) So I thought exercise would maintain my stamina back on track. I also noticed that every time  I rise up in the morning, the sleep feels insufficient. Another thing is, the menstrual pain comes early and become really annoying that I got so disturbed in focusing on my work. So I bought the upt, and voila, there goes the double line!. It was night time, as soon as I'm awake when I tested for it. I can't believe my eyes at that moment. Blink my eyes few times to ensure it was real, as my housemate to read it for me, and then call my husband. He was shocked too and thought I was joking. The next day onwards I went for checkup, but the bb is too small that we can only see the yolk sac. Owh, and I notice my nipples got too sensitive (more sensitive than it ever been) and my breast got so plumpy.

This is the beginning of my morning sickness. At first I got cold sweat in the morning, and feel like fainting, and that I can't even make it to wait for lunch. This is the first time I eat curry puff in during morning as breakfast. Few days after that, I feel so sick that I vommitted once in car on my way to mini market. I started to lose my appetite and the only thing I can eat is nasi lemak. That is the only thing I eat every day at the moment. Can't wear jeans anymore. Still fit but unfomfortable. Started to wear palazzo this point.

Serious bloating and heartburn started this week. Can't even take plain water. Nausea becoming more often. And at this point, I can't even stand hunger. So bad that it makes me cry when I'm hungry. Started to lose my appetite, can't even eat anything beside fruits.

Weeks of no eat. Stomach almost empty whole day beside fruits I took every morning. No appetite. Don't feel like eating any food. Can't wear pants anymore. Uncomfortable. Change to shirt and dress at this point.

My weight start to drop from this week onwards. Lost 1.5kg.

Went to gynae for checkup. Hear the bb heart beat for the first time. Started to drink sunquick as replacement for plain water which I can't tolerate.. Can't wear pants anymore. Feel chocked. Start to wear maxi dress for comfort.

Back of my head start to hurt. Worried. Got it checked in case of high blood pressure for pregnant woman. Everything is ok. Seems that it was just stress.

Can't tolerate rice anymore. Only take it once a week and still vommit.

People said the morning sickness will be gone by this time. But not for me. Still vommit frequently. In the morning, at night, in the evening. Only the dizziness seems to fade away. Lost another 0.2kg of weight. The problem is, I started to constipate. Still no more rice this moment. Only take roti canai every day.

Phew..what a long entry. Till then, da..

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  1. masa zafran kita suka sangat mkn nasi lemak + roti canai..bole kata almost every day breakfast mende alah tu..lagi satu lontong...some theory said tu penyebab baby besar..2nd pregnancy, time zhariff memang elak sentuh makanan tu sume..nasi lemak bole bilang dengan jari..roti canai 2x makan je..lontong langsung x usik..and x tau la coincidence ke mmg zhariff kecil sket...huhuhuhu