Choosing the right face powder

This is what I wanna share all this while. Talking bout face powder. Okay, there's 3 type of face powder:

  1. compact powder
  2. loose powder
  3. pressed powder

Each types of face powder serves different purpose.

  • Compact powder is for non oily, non problematic skin type. If your skin is oily, choose and oil free type if you insist for this type of powder.
  • Loose powder is more suitable for oily skin though its applicable for all skin types. Bedak ni jenis serbuk, so xsesuai bwak kuar, abes lau berterabur. To used this kind of powder, take it a bit and pressed on your T zone or oily part of your face and smudge it outwards from forehead to chin so that it remove excessive powder and blend well.

  • Pressed powder on the other hand, is used for touch up when you are already outdoor. Ni yg jnis dlm tv yg org vogue2 gitu dlm drama dok touch up make up diorang tuh...To use it, you take a bit of the powder on sponge and pressed it on your face so that it stay there and the foundation is not rubbed away.
That's all for this time, have fun!


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