Baby membesar drastik

First trimester doesn't really bother me either bout the belly size and my weight coz everything i ate (lontong, fast food, nasi lemak, etc) gets puke out. So my weight drop few kilos without diet and exercise (yay!!).

I'm on my 22w and 4d today. Finally the bb reveal itself on yesterday scan! The bb shud b around 430 gram and 30cm tall. But it measured more than that! Really regret my dietary lately.. Ate durian so much that my body got too hot and result in fever + cold = nights of suffering, sundae every 2 days and the bb gets bigger a month ahead of its age.. My weight jump to 49kg and I can't squat anymore during poo poo..

Wuaaa..gets to scared thinking of how am i going to push him out on delivery. Him? Yes. Yesterday he lay straight head to toe across my belly (No wonder my belly feels so stretch), and gynae finally c d bird.. Hubby don't really understand the image on screen though the gynae show him. I can only look at the other screen hanging on top of my toe and it's not really clear.. So can't really c it.. Huhu.. 

What to do now??? Diet?? Exercise??? Oh my!


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