Second trimester pregnancy

Today mark the final day of my second trimester. Phew, managed to go through this trimester quite ok. People said the morning sickness and tiredness will go away once you are in the second trimester. But not for me.. I still vomit in my fourth and fifth month. Acnes popping out all over my face, I constipate almost every day and my belly feels so stretched even when I eat half portion of my meal before pregnancy. However, my energy level are coming back.

The bb bump started to show on the fifth month. I started to sit when I poo, and squatting makes me feel unease. Sleeping on my back gives pressure on my stomach, sleeping on my side hurts my ribs, started to use so many pillows to support my leg and belly. Body temp gets higher than usual, making me change from tops to tube..haha.. My back starting to hurt, signs of coming to third trimester maybe..

My belly seems to get bigger lately, but can still fit on my shirt. But i think this size is big enough for me.. Hurm..need to manage my diet..


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