Back on the map!

Eheh, memandangkan GST dah dikuatkuasakan, and kebetulan my paid site term already expired, marilah kita berjimat cermat dan gunakan apa yg free.. Wehehehe.. Byk bnda sbnarnye nk update, tp disebabkan health condition yg merudum, plus bz ngan dateline research work.. Makanya, banyaklah yg terbantut.. But, I'll try my best to update everything. Ececeh..dah mcm ckp ngan cust kat Singtel lak. Haha..


Firstly, I'm pregnant! Oh my gosh! Can't believe it! Been married for almost 3 years, and suddenly, it's like magic!

Secondly, hurm, got RM 250 book voucer, plan to sell it to bank, use a bit for stationary and save the rest for emergency.

Thirdly, I've wasted my time yesterday noon till evening overhauling this site. Still not completed, but ok enuff la..

Will create another post later in detail. Da~


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