What is it that makes people able to stay together happily ever after? One might think it's understanding or love or care, some might probably say it's chemistry.

It's not understanding or love, or finding the right person or how much the mate cares. Wonder why?

=> understanding
People can stand others, but to some extent before they blow up. How long are you going to understand people's way that you hate?

=> love or care
how long can love or care last? It is the oxytocin hormone that generate love, makes man and woman bonds together and the maximum limit it can last in human within a relationship is 2-3 years. What y'all gonna do after that? Break up? Changing partner? Flirt around?

The magic spell depends on how better we avoid misunderstanding, creating the right relationship and care TILL the end; that makes a fairy tales end happily ever after. Love, understanding, care, mr right, all these factors doesn't really contribute to the type of love that you expect. It's the magic spells that make peoples stay together no matter as friends, neighbors or mates. That's why some dumps the other when they feel that the other person does not really understand them. That's why people's change when they still the same person in frame. 

I think that's really stupid of them. If u can no more see understanding in others, why don't you avoid misunderstanding? If not, you only making things worse. How stupid can a stupid be?


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