alone ˅ lonely => BECAUSE OF YOU

Right now, the only meds that my soul need would probably be 7790. 7790 used to tell; learn to forgive n forget, u need to put urself in people's shoe, then only u're capable of understanding them which in turn, forgive them.
But how can I forgive thee for unnerving me? for hurting me? for being nothing but trouble? Oh, i wish thee  doesn't really exist. Thee that's:
1- not my equal in terms of humanity,
2- misreading my vulnerability,
3 - incapable of being in need, consulting calendar for me

serves to be kick outta my life. I don't understand how pictures never change, but the people in them do. How stupid can a stupid be? Right now,  I'll leave it to the truth, let's see on which side will triumph reside, huh?


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