Raya 2010

Finally at home. Smlm sampai. Demam lak. But it's ok.. Family? As usual, keeps making me feels lousy, useless. I wish I could be a better man. My lil bro bought Sony vaio lappy n he's comparing his and mine one. Why is it me, the one that always have more money incapable of supporting myself to have good stuff? I realize that my lappy is bought upon needs beating down the time, but this is what i managed to afford n i love my lappy; it's bought in advance by my fiancee considering my needs. Mama ckp, da keje, ada gaji, watpe susahkan dri blaja, dia xsuh blaja, yg gatal blaja watpe? Niece dia, baru keje, da bli kete. tp aku, da lame keje, kete pon xde. My lil bro, looking down on me, sbb study kat upm. Katanye upm sijil xlaku. Ha...all these time, xpnah pon aku mintak tlg diowg bla susah, n they never really pushed me to one even bla tau aku susah. I shouldn't really care bout all those words. It's just that they came from my bloodline who never act like one.

Pg raya? Still stranded kat Pt Raja. It's ok. Slama ni pon, raya xpnah ada pape makna. Kenny called, few times, tp aku reject. xnk dia bising aku xbalik raya, xsiap baju raya, xbli kuih raya, xuruskan diri pg raya. Dia sentiasa pastikan on times like this, everything's ready for me even tak sambut raya. Does everyone around me must be paid in order to care on me like he does?

Manusia mmg satu2nya species yg Allah cipta dan bersifat kejam. Even animals care to love on stranger. Tp manusia, lom tentu lg kta sentiasa baik, bsama ngan dia, they will stand by when we're  in pinch.

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